Multimedia Team

Commitment Level: MID-HIGH
Timeframe: Sundays (8:30 am-12:30 pm) and/or Wednesdays (5 pm-7:15 pm)


The multimedia team is run primarily by students, and this includes sound, lighting, video, and computer. There are also opportunities to shoot and edit video. Training is provided. If you would like more information on how to get involved, email

Event Staff

Commitment Level: MID-HIGH (based on availability)
Timeframe: Sundays (8:30-9:15am and 10:30-11:15am) and/or Wednesday nights (6:30-7:15pm)


Real Life’s “Event Staff” is a critical part of making Real Life a warm and welcoming environment. Our Event Staff Team is made up of a few important roles. Our volunteers could be involved with checking students in, being a part of our Crash Team, helping out at The Spot, or helping at the Student Hub. Real Life’s Event Staff is one of the most important volunteer areas that help make thing run more smoothly.

Worship Team

Commitment Level: HIGH
Timeframe: The Real Life Worship Team practices at 5pm on Wednesday nights. After practice we provide worship for the wednesday night service. Sound check takes place at 7:30am on Sunday, and then the team plays worship for the 9am and 11am services.


The Real Life worship team is a great opportunity for musicians and singers looking to grow in their skills and make friends as well! As a performer you will: get to play in a stress-free setting, never be looked down upon for having difficulty with a part, be able to receive coaching if you wish, and get to grow in your skill by playing or singing with musicians who are more experienced and can offer advice, tips, and tricks. Additionally, practicing and worshipping together helps any and every student involved to become friends with their fellow bandmates and often build self confidence and self-esteem. This ministry is open to anyone in the 6th through 12th grade that plays an instrument or can sing!

Fine Arts

Commitment Level: VARIES


 Practices take place on Sunday afternoons from 1-5 pm. A time slot will be provided to groups only; any single person category can be practiced on your own. The Fine Arts Festial dates, and information for Sectionals, Districts, and Nationals can be found under the Events tab.


Fine Arts is an Assemblies of God festival that takes place each year. It is a great way for students to get involved, with various outlets for creativity. These include (but are NOT limited to) worship team, dance, step, 3D art, poetry, songwriting, choir, and solo singing.