Pastor Scott Nagle
Student Ministries Pastor
It all began on a sunny June morning in 1975… who are we kidding? You don’t really want to know his WHOLE life story, just the highlights! Scott is the Student Ministries Pastor of GT Student Ministries at GT church in West Lawn, PA. A youth pastor for 20 years, Scott has a passion for seeing students realize that God has HUGE plans for their lives and seeing those students live those dreams out. He has the audacity to believe that students can change the world! In his free time, Scott enjoys eating pizza and hanging out with his family. He believes there are 4 food groups: pizza, coke, candy, and bacon. He married Lisa in 2000 and they have two kids, Mara and Micah. Together, they enjoy watching TV, playing a killer game of Uno, eating ice cream, and all things Disney World.

Pastor Maritza Huertas
GT Students Small Groups Pastor
Pastor Maritza is currently serving as our Small Groups Pastor for GT Students Ministries. Her passions are family, faith, discipleship and missions.  She believes that every generation has the opportunity to impact the next generation and we must maximize every opportunity to positively impact the world around us through the Gospel! She loves to encourage our leaders and students.   Pastor Maritza's heart’s desire is to see our young people chasing after all that God has for them and living out their purpose and for my generation to feel an overwhelming sense of accountability to invest in our young people. Her greatest joy is seeing someone come to Christ!  It never gets old!

A few of her favorite things are coffee dates, family time, and the beach!

Shelby Gansler
Student Ministry Coordinator
Shelby is the Student Ministry Coordinator for GT Student Ministry.  She has been serving in youth ministry for almost a decade! Her love of student ministry is fueled by the life change that Jesus brings to the students and their families.  She's PUMPED she gets to work at her dream job, loving Jesus and serving students every day!

Shelby, Andrew (her husband), and Merlin (their cat) made the move from Detroit, Michigan to West Lawn, Pennsylvania to serve the community of GT Church. They often make day trips to find the best local coffee shops, without Merlin, obviously!